Repti-Luxe is our new range of 18mm thick board vivariums together with arboreal vivariums and cabinets ect, a wide range of colours available delivered quickly to your door, easily assembled. Whether it be a hobby style vivarium or arboreal for your tree dwellers, perhaps a tortoise tray or cabinet you will find we have the answer.

Available in 18mm Board
Colours: Black, Beech, Oak, Walnut, Mussel, White.

Stackable with Repti-Life cabinets and Reptile-Life Vivarium's Centre supports are available upon request.

Don't see the size, shape or colour you're looking for, a few inches taller perhaps and a nice gloss white or matte black? Maybe you need additional vents or an extra large runner/plinth? Then head over to our 'Your design' bespoke section and drop us an email!