We are proud to introduce our new range of Repti-Life Hybrid Vivarium. We believe this innovative industry first new product is a game changer.

Over the years of dealing with wooden and plastic vivariums the feedback received is that wooden vivariums don’t cope well in a high humidity setting and that plastic vivariums often don’t match a decorative interior in a way that maybe a beech or oak would, our Repti-Life hybrid solves this problem. Available in a vast array of colours including all the colours of our Repti-Luxe range, or any bespoke colours available to us including gloss white and matte black, whilst incorporating the capability of a high humidity setting. You’re welcome!

Perfect for your high humidity, bioactive, and naturalistic environments.

We manufacture our own range of reptile products, selling direct to the customer, we can offer you the best products at the best prices. Our Repti-Life Vivariums are made to the optimum quality and packed to the highest standard so they arrive in perfect condition. Designed and tested by experienced reptile keepers for reptile enthusiasts, providing only the very best for your reptile.

Delivered quickly to your door, easily assembled. Whether it be a hobby style vivarium or arboreal for your tree dwellers, perhaps a tortoise tray or cabinet you will find we have the answer.

Stackable with Repti-Life cabinets, Reptile-Life Stands, Repti-Life Vivariums, Repti-Life Plastic Vivariums, Repti-Life Hybrid Vivarium, and Repti-Life Tortoise Tables.

We also offer bespoke/custom sizes.

Repti-Life Professional Reptile Equipment & Housing.

Size: Length 60″ Depth 24″ Height 24″ (inches)


Beech (5-7 Day Deliv.), Black (5-7 Day Deliv.), Grey (5-7 Day Deliv.), Oak (5-7 Day Deliv.), Walnut (5-7 Day Deliv.), White (5-7 Day Deliv.)