In summary this thermostat has it all..

  • Multiple channels to control heating and lighting and monitor temperatures
  • Timing modes (per channel)
    • Simple:  Constant or Day & Night
    • Advanced:  Multi 8 Settings, Periodic, Seasons
  • All new high quality, colour, capacitative touch screen with large easy to read display
  • IP Rated waterproof sensor on every channel (2.5m cables)
  • Seasons Mode allows the recreation of a whole years environmental cycle
  • Ramp Times: control the length of time between temp changes for more natural climate control
  • Power output level shown per channel
  • Visual and Audible Alarms
  • Real time fault detection
  • Built in mounting solution for both the display and main control box allowing for easy, secure installation
  • Customize channel and thermostat names
  • Single Cable to the display allowing other cables to be kept out of sight with the main control box
  • Wifi Connectivity allowing real time monitoring and control of your enclosures from anywhere in the world (via iOs or android apps)
  • Web Browser remote dashboard
  • Cloud connectivity with 12 months of data logging for each channel on the app
  • Push notifications if an alarm is triggered, there is a power cut or your thermostat goes offline
  • Over the air updates included to keep your thermostat up to date
  • Generate reports for your whole collection and export the data to csv file
  • View multiple thermostats on one app

(note wifi is needed for app or cloud features)

  • 1200w max load (600w max per channel)
  • Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom
  • Full 5 Year Warranty

Evo Connected 2

  • Channel 1: Pulse/Dimming
  • Channel 2: On/Off

This model is perfect for a vivarium with a single heat source (e.g. a basking light or ceramic bulb) and a separate UVB lighting system (e.g. a UVB light source).  In this scenario you would get complete automation of the day and night cycles and temperature readings on both sensors, allowing you to simultaneously record temperatures in two different areas of the vivarium.

The second channel can also be used as an on/off thermostat if preferred.

If your vivarium has two heat sources, this model is for you.  Our favorite use will be the ability to run a secondary nighttime or background heater within the enclosure and control it with the same thermostat.

Number of Channels

2 Channel, 3 Channel