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Repti-Life vivariums have been developed from a long time interest in keeping and breeding reptiles, manufacture started in 1989 specifically for wholesale and traders and in recent years the Repti-Life label has been used for direct online sales to the public.

With a recent expansion due to development and design our website introduces you to a world of lounge units with a modern range of products and specialise bespoke and “design your own range”. All vivariums and products are manufactured in the UK, in our own factory using quality panels produced under F.S.C. (forestry stewardship council) rules, to be as eco-friendly as possible.

All glass complies to European regulations. Our customer service department gives fast access to advice, also design, building and costing enquiries. Special orders can be built and dispatched far quicker than any other of our competitors and at highly competitive prices.

Mike Smith

/ Repti-Life Managing Director

I own a few large vivariums. I purchased this 4ft repti-life for a 6ft carpet python.it was easy to set up and install all necessary equipment lighting, heating, thermostat etc all done by myself in just over 30mins. looks really good very easy to do and easy to hide any cables. I am defiantly going to100% purchase all vivariums from repti-life. great job. keep up the great quality.

Carpet Python Owner


Quality vivarium, lovely thick wood and toughened glass. Easy to build. Grooves already carved into it for all the wiring you need. Perfect size for my new bearded dragon. Best price on the market. I also felt Repti-life customer service was excellent and they really value their customers. Highly recommend buying from them, thanks!

Bearded Dragon Owner


First time I've written a review but I feel I need to for this one, the seller is fantastic answered all my questions promptly and was very helpful. Even suggested how I should go about fitting slate properly.
When I got the viv the instructions were very clear and the viv itself went together perfectly and looks awesome. Very happy gecko and very happy customer.

Gecko Owner

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